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Question about judgement and validation?

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If a ca has a judgement against you, which has been paid through garnishment, if it has never been validated, can i request validation and hope they do not report it as disputed for a FCRA violation, I am not trying to do this for the money, but this ca was sneaky and I never knew about this debt until they took it out of bank account and i want let it go til we are even!!!!!!!!

Trying to make them pay!!!!!!!

What they did was wrong!!!!

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thanks willing

I have submitted a motion to set aside on the bases of bad service, but what has me worried is that a deputy swore he served them so basically it is his word against mine i am afraid the judge is going to through it out based on that sevice, I didnt get the service! So it is my word against his. Hopefully the judge will make her Identify me!!

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