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Need feedback on letter I am sending thanks


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I have been trying to take care of a bad check and this is the letter I am going to send them. Just wondering if I could get some feedback please.

I also plan on sending them a MO for 52. with "THE CASHING OF THIS CHECK REPRESENTS A FULL ACORD AND SATISFACTION OF THE UNDERLINE DEBT" written on the back of the check.

This is the letter I plan on sending:

Re: Letter sent xx/xx/xxxx

Your Name

Address line one

Address line two


Creditor Address 1

Creditor Address 2

Re: Account Number

Dear Sirs:

This letter is an offer to amicably settle the above account. It is not to be construed as an acknowledgment of my liability for this debt in any form.

I will pay your company the amount of $52.00 as full settlement of this account.

If you accept this agreement, please cash the money order enclosed for the settlement amount of $52.00 in exchange for a full deletion of all references regarding this account from my credit profile with all national Credit Reporting Agencies and full satisfaction of the debt. You also agree to send me the original bounced check in the self address stamped envelope provided. This agreement is binding and will be void should you not hold up to your end of the agreement.



Just wondering if this is sufficient?

Thanks in advance,

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