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I just wanted to give some good news regarding two Unifund trade lines which were haunting me on my EQ report. I had disputed these two trade lines about four times and they always came back verified. I included the two Unifund trade lines in this years CHOD and once again they came back as verified.

I was starting to get frustrated as all hell with these two when I decided to write a PR letter to EQ during CHOD. I got my results letter back yesteday and HOLY CRAP!!!, they were finaly deleted from my EQ file. I am so happy about this. I think doing a PR request right in the middle of CHOD really increased my chance of success.

These two trade lines were for two payday loans from "Check n Go" which is one of those payday loan places. I had some trouble about three years ago when I was running my small business.

Well, I am thankfull to this web site and for all the great people here who give advice to others. I have gotten three deletions from EQ this CHOD one of which was a repo from Ford Motor Credit.

Thanks again and I hope to hear from others about some good CHOD results..............................

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