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I... I... I'm in the 700 club...


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*marks day on calendar* 703 on TU

I recall that on July 10, 2003 I had a 435... I'm pleased

Wells called me again because they want to gimme a HELOC, which I could use; pulled credit, read off teh scores. I had him repeat the last one because I wasn't sure I had heard that correctly.

Too bad my other two suck (528 and 604)...

still no HELOC until I hit 620 mid - don't see that happening for awhile. All of a sudden, the Wells guy starts telling me about a lady he knows that can get me a 75 - 100 point increase almost instantaneously - and he's referred a bunch of people over to her. He wouldn't say how she does it, or how much or anything, only that I should call her Monday, and we could get the HELOC rolling by next Friday.


He alleges that she doesn't take your money until AFTER your score has increased - it's grabbing my attention, that's for sure.

Anyways - yay on the 703 - but useless STILL because I have a BK showing and I can't get ANYTHING worth value as far as credit with TU in Arizona, and my mid isn't high enough..... blah blah blah

I'm hungry

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