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EXP and TU verified my late pay twice!!!


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I had disputed a simple 30-day late payment on a store charge card that was closed in 1999. It kept coming back verified from BOTH CRAs! This dates all the way back to 12/2003. I still have the results from both CRAs. Well, since this is one of the 2 derogatories on my EXP report I waited a few months in between disputes. I re-disputed 3 months ago (came back verified) and again this month and since I dispute online, EXP will not allow me to dispute this tradeline again. Damn Ba**ards! Anyway, I sent the store, in which my charge card is from, a validation letter asking them to send me proof of the late pay. 15 days later, they phone me and leave a message saying that they received the letter and to give them a call. They futher say that there are NO late pays on this account! So I call, and the rep researches back as far as 1999 and finds that there are no late pays. I ask him to send me a letter stating that my payment history has been perfect. He reads me the letter that he is going to send me, stating that this account has perfect history since 1999. Now when I get this letter I am going to send it to EXP demanding deletion. My question is, after all of this boring story (LOL) should I sue those PUNKS as well for not doing an investigation!!!!! TIA! :lol:

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