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Need help with a collection issue


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First of all just wanted to say thanks to the forums. I received some good information earlier this year when I was in the mortgage process with my first home purchase.

Que-I have to say the same thing my friend.

On to the issue....

I received a collection letter from a collection agency requesting that I pay for a debt for a Bellsouth telephone number. This debt is very small, $269 to be exact. The issue is that I never authorized this phone number, I have a feeling my father did and used my SSN# to get it. I called the collection agency, and told them this was not mine, that I haven't lived in the city in which the number was for many years, and that I was disputing the debt under the idea that this was fraud.

Que-All you have to do is show them that you didn't live in the city for a number of years and tell them they better remove it or face legal action. Also use the DV method and make them prove it to you. Give them thirty days and if they don't send a second letter saying that they have 15 days or you are going to bring legal action against them. Also I always tell people SHOW ME MY SIGNATURE AND THE REPRESENTATIVE WHO AUTHORIZED THIS ACCOUNT. It is a very good chance that they won't be able to provide this information.

They stated that they would send me a fraud package that I should fill out and return. After a lot of thinking, I realized that this could have been my dad who did this. If I fill this package out, and do not mention my dad, then basically I would be committing perjury. I am very honest about things, and truly believe in doing whats right. At the same time however, I don't want to get my dad in trouble for fraud.

Que-YOu don't even have to go through all this nonsense. Tell them to validate this debt first and let them know that based on FDCPA and FCRA law that they can't collect or report a debt unless it is proven to be yours and truly valid. Take the fraud package and use it for toliet tissue or ball it up and play paper basketball with it in the garbage can.

The options I have as I see it are:

a) tell them my dad did it

Que-Don't do this. YOu don't exactly have proof of this. Even if you tell them this it may imply that you had a hand in this and that you are only trying to get out of paying because they figured out your scam. Never let them think this.

B) pay the debt anyway and recover the money from my dad

Que-Don't do this either.

c) ask for validation of the debt, being that more than likely a phone number doesn't require any written documentation of an agreement to pay this debt. I think when you sign up with them all you give them is your SSN#.

Que-use the DV method and make them prove to you that you gave them written documentation of for this account. When you sign up with companies you give more than your SSN you give them some type of address, acct# and they can easily see copies of your signature on your accounts so they would know your handwriting, et.

If I choose (B), will this show up as a paid collection? I ran my credit reports and its not showing up as a debt.

Que-Don't do B.

A few days before I received the fraud package, I received a confusing letter from this agency stating that "the above referenced account has been requested to be removed from your credit report".

Que-Not confusing but straightforward. This is good for you for if it is been requested to be removed from your report all you have to do is send the CRA proof that you didn't live in that city and they have to take it off. Screw the Telecom company.

I really want to make this go away and not affect my credit, I have worked hard to get a 720+ score and don't want some $260 collection to ruin it.

Thanks in advance everyone for your help.



Que-Even if this did go on your report as negative, highly unlikely this minor amount wouldn't affect you to any great extent. However, using the DV method, they have prove to you that the account is yours. Since they probably can't they have to remove it or face legal action. All you have to do is use the DV method, sit back and relax and wait.

Hope this helps.

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