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Have always had great credit...went to get a car and was blown away to find that my report shows an address that is not mine and a number of card attempts and cards/employment that are not mine.

I got the car with a great rate and am now concerned that will make my credit worse...should I sell it right away or send back or is it ok to have htis purchase on my credit?

What can I do to get this off my credit and have it be the good it has always been. Luckily these seem ot be paid on regularly, but there are a lot open...what do I do and did I totally wreck my credit with this purchase?

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First welcome to the board!!!!

Second, it is very unfortunate that you have been victimized, but at least you are in the right place for help. Check out the forum dealing with Identity Theft. It will give you valuable information to protect your credit and it will give you information to start dealing with getting these accounts removed.

Finally, I would DV all accounts that don't belong to you. Please read all information here at this forum. Additionally, I have found out that there are some really great poeple here who have a plethora of knowledege and expereince to help. I wish you much success in your endeavor and remember you are not alone. :D

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New Blue, do this immediately:

1) order all three credit reports and all three scores from myfico.com (do this first, because once you put the fraud alert on your file, you won't be able to get the scores)

2) order all three credit reports directly from the credit bureaus (they will be more thorough)

3) once you receive all three reports, place fraud alerts on your files. Call each bureau to do this because though tell you they'll contact the others, they don't always follow through.

4) go to the FTC website and fill out the identity theft report. List every address and creditor that is not yours on the report.

5) go to your local police station and file a report, it will either be an identity theft report or an incident report. List EVERY ACCOUNT that isn't yours and every address that isn't yours in your report. Be sure to get a copy of the report number. Take copies of the reports with you and the info listed below. They will xerox what they need.

6) contact each of the creditors that has an account under your name, by phone if the number is listed, and tell them that your information is being used fraudulently, and that the account is a result of identity theft. Ask them how to proceed, but you will likely need to have copies of the following:

a) apartment or housing lease (this shows when you moved in and how long you've been there)

B) recent utility bill, and possibly a statement showing service for the past year (this can be obtained from the utility company)

c) driver's license with your current address on it

d) social security number or card

e) pay stub from job (shows address, ss#, black out your salary numbers)

f) police report number and detective/name of person assigned to your case

begin NOW to keep detailed logs of everything. If your state allows you to tape phone conversations, be sure to do so. Before you speak to anyone get their name, note the time and day the call was made. Ask to speak to supervisors. Send everything CMRRR and fax as well.

If you need samples of any letters, send me a private message and I'll send you copies of the letters I had to use. It took me 3 months to get the accounts cleared from my reports. It depends on the company.

Follow-up with everything in writing. I'm sorry you have been a victim, this is similar to how I found out I was a victim too.

Sign up for credit report monitoring at privacyguard.com, they let you do a trial for about a dollar. You can monitor the progress of the things that will be deleted this way.

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