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Just a quick review of their web site leads me to beleive that you must do almost all of the grunt work yourself in return for which they charge you a $39/month fee and don't gurantee results. The part about YOU must provide copies of your credit reports on a monthly basis and YOU must use their "dispute wizard" to prepare letters is very, very telling.

ALMOST ALL credit repair / credit counselor ...whatever... companies are scams and DO NOT DO ANYTHING that you can't do yourself. There are no magic bullets or secret words or anything of the sort that makes the process easier. In all the cases I've read about here, people that have tried to use this type of service wind up deeper in the hole than they started.

And think about it...$39 will buy about 15 minutes worth of "lawyer time". If a lawyer can do it in 15 minutes a month, you can do it in a couple of hours.

Learn what you need to know here...and do it yourself.

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I am not an expert in credit repair yet; all I have learned has been from this site, thanks to many good people you will find here. And that is something you will never find in Lexinton or other credit repair firms. I WAS A MEMBER OF LEXINTIN ONCE!

What everyone tells you here is that you have to be in driver seat to fix your credit, and no matter how another driver, like Lexington law firm, may sound good, they will harm your credit while they try to fix it. How, they will dispute everything, even a late payment. And something you paid for so many years will vanish because Lexinton considers it a negative trade line. But you can just talk the creditors into deleting many late payments rather than deleting the whole tradeline.

And if you don't have time to fix your credit yourself, then maybe it is not the time for you yet. MAKE TIME; it is your money!



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Guest jeeptravel


I got so upset about these firms once, a moderator contacted me in a PM telling me he was receiving complaints about my offensive tone.


You on the other hand, are calm and you give more than just passion: FACTS.

Thank you for sharing your experience about LL. I agree these companies suck and they are at best useless and at worst, illegal.

You put your words very well sir, thanks.


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Actually some people have had minor success with them. The thing is, there is nothing they do that you cannot, and for a lot less money.

There are also things you can do that they cannot, like dispute with a furnisher under FACTA.

I cannot believe that someone is so busy that they cannot take 5 minutes to write a letter, especially given the fact that they took 5 minutes to sign up for this site and another 5 minutes to post something.

One of the major downsides is they provide no support for litigation and you cannot sue without the documents, which the don't/won't provide without a hassle.

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Keep your Money and Do it Yourself!!! Lexington Law should be taken to the BBB for questionable ethics. They are making huge profits off people and this is just plain wrong.

Email my new best buddy (Jeepster), he has a plethora of good information that will help be valuble in your effort to correct your credit. :shock:

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