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Me $17,000.00 Them $0

Ripped Off

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I thought I would start the new year

off right by posting my success with

getting my credit record cleared up and

getting some compensation for the harm

done to me.

Since late 1999 or early 2000, I have

been dealing with the consequences of

identity theft and credit fraud.

Despite everything I could do, I could

not get the collection agencies and

grossly negligent companies off of my

back and out of my life.

The last round started in February 2004

with a letter that stated:

"Dear Mr. Xxxx: We are pleased to

welcome you as a new customer of

Assahola Collection Company..."

Thanking God for the internet, and the

wonderful people on boards such as

this who so generously give of their

time, experience, and knowledge, I

prepared for battle and sent the

requisite denial letter. The response

from them was the "ridiculous demands

letter," affidavits, etc, which I

immediately responded to with a

"shove it up yours" cease and desist

letter, followed within days by a


Since most of the legal actions have

gone to settlement, I am now under gag

orders (I think they should be

unconstitutional!), so can't divulge

the companies involved, but to date

they have given me approximately

$17.000.00 in compensation. I believe

that there is one legal action


So this is to thank everyone for all

that I have learned here, and all of

the resources that I have found here

and elsewhere.

Wishing everyone a happy and successful

new year and beyond ...


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