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Case law.. Closed Accounts and PP


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OK guys... I need yer help once again.

I need to know if anyone knows of any case law that states once A CS (or their attorney) says they have closed your account if they still have PP to pull Account Reviews on your credit report.


Remember way back when I got sued for a repo and I countersued those monkeys?? Well they dismissed the case ... I had an attorney through legal aid tell me to let sleeping dogs lie which I did... no reason to try and stir trouble when they told the legal aid attorney they closed their accounts.

Well for almost every other month , sometimes twice a month, after October 2003 until July 2004 these jerks pulled mine and my ex hubbys reports under Account Reviews.

When I talked to our attorney he said since I never had anything in writing from the attorney that it might not hold up in court.

Well when we moved I found a letter from the attorney stating that when they dismissed the case they closed their account and had no intention of refiling the suit AND that their client ((The CA)) informed him that their account was also closed.

I also have the CA on tape saying that they never pulled our credit and they don't know what was going on.

:roll: ((cough-cough-bulls*t-cough))

Well now that I have this I think we might have them by the cajones.

I would like to have some groovy case law to back this up before I decide to send it to our attorney.

I do know that there was a recent court decision((might have been 4th district)) made that said if a company closes an account but still reports it to the credit bureuas that they can access your credit report to see if they are reporting the account correctly.

Well this was NEVER on our credit reports.. they even said in their letter from the attorney that they dont report to the credit bureuas.

Any help is as always appreciated !

PS.. just settled out of court with company for failing to send an adverse action notice cha-ching!

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