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Would this be pushing it?

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About fifteen minutes ago (11:55am Central Time) I got a collection call from CBE Group In Waterloo, IA. I told them they were probably in violation because they should be in possession of my DV notice. I just checked the USPS site and the DV was delivered 7:29am today.

Just under 4.5 hours - is that enough time for me to expect them to know they can't call me? These guys have acted like complete jerks so it would really please to get them this fast.

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Well I think that really depends. If you included the limited C&D then the call would be suspect. They are likely to be able to weasel their way out of it though, so do not go to court as that being their only violation. If you do go to court on other violations, go ahead and include it, you never know what you may be able to get them on.

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AS much as I dont like to defend a CA I have to here.

These folks have HUGE corportate offices that hundreds if not thousands of pieces of mail come in.

That mail has to be opened, sorted and then posted the appropriate place.

It is then probably put in the computer under your account name.

I dont think they had enough time to process your C&D/

CBE and I went round til I asked for validation and got them for calling me three times after VERIFYING they recieved my C&D. They went bye bye quick!!!

Luck to ya!

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