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Tax Lien....can't figure it out. (long)


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We discovered a state tax lien on DH report from 1991. For 1788$

I call, the city of Virginia Beach is listing it. She tells me there is no info and it is actually a Lien for Child support from City of Portsmouth.

Hmmmm. DH says it is Possible BUT probably some type of error. After investigation. Long story short. DH signs over rights to child in 1990. Signing over rights eliminates financial resposibility. This lien is from AFTER he is no longer responsible. We think maybe slow paperwork.

Anyway, afraid to wake possible sleeping lion I try to find info on lien. IMPOSSIBLE. All websites that offer that type of info have NOTHING on him or this case. FOund all kinds of traffic and misc other crap on him. :shock: CHecking all cities in this area too. I even have the case number and everything.

So, bite the bullet. :cool: BTW it's only on his TU report. So send "not mine" to TU and see what happens. Comes back verified. OK. :?

NOW, Why does it say City of Virgina Beach reports it but when I call they say city of Portsmouth is responsible.??? :?:

Also, How can I find out what this is all about. :?: Im afraid to call City of Portsmouth afraid they will attack us for the monies. But again, he is NOT in hiding. We've always lived around here and he files tax return every year. Why havent they come after him for the money if it is legit. :?: This is the government, they always get their monies.

And I remember when I first met him in OHIO, our first tax return was docked 179$ for outstanding child support for him for the state of Virginai so even when we lived there they knew where he was. Mind you his return was well above 3000.00. If he owed this money why didn't they take it ALL. :?:

I was thinking about the Method of Verification I've read a little about. How does that work? And can I do that in this situation :?: ? All the easy stuff is off his report now it's the complicated stuff but they're all biggies.

Or should I just suck it up and call the CIty of Portsmouth? Problem there is Im sure they won't tell me crap cuz Im not him and their hours coincide with his working. He'll never get the chance to call. Can we write a letter requesting info on it :?: ? Should we :?: ?

Sorry it's so long but what do ya think :?:

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GAH! Child Support :evil: My favorite :roll:8-)

I am no expert by any means but, if I was you - I'd be on the phone. The courts phone number should be listed on your credit report. You give them the reference number listed and they will tell you how many pages your "case" is. Send in a money order for the copies to see what they say. By sending a MO you dont have to list your current address on the MO.

I also find it hard to believe that the CSE agency hasn't come after you if you REALLY owe it. My CSE case worker (I'm in NC) told me that if you owe more than $50 in back support - they submit your name to the State (in SEPT) and they will withhold it from your State return. Federal submission is if you owe more than 5k.

Unfortunately once your name is submitted for the current year - you play hell getting your name OFF even if your in arrears. Go Figure

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