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Help before I lose my score


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I need a bit of advice, I have only 3 tradelines on my Transunion report. I am in the process of a pay-for-delete settlement with Spiegel, and once I send the payment I will be down to two tradelines.

Since I need at least three to generate a FICO score I need to open up some credit before then.

Because of my fraud alert, I can't get my FICOs but my FAKOs are:

Experian: 641

Transunion: 636

Equifax: 607

Transunion deleted my Student Loan tradeline when I challenged the lates. It's possible that it will be reinstated with the next payment (this month), but I'm not certain.

What should I do? I could probably open an account with Target or Macy's, but I need to be sure whoever I open an account with reports to Transunion.

I believe I may also qualify for an AmEx card.

I could easily open another CrapOne card, they send me pre-approvals every two weeks because I have an account in great standing with them, but as we know, they don't report balances.

Thanks in advance!

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