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CA has accepted money from family w/o my knowledge!

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OK, here's a problem I bet people wish they had! Too bad I'm not happy about this.

Here's the story: Pretty much the average circumstances I've read about in this forum for close to a year.

I got into conflict with Citiskank about alot of stuff like insurance and interest and ridiculous fees. I just stopped paying untill the situation turned a little more realistic. I'm sorry, I'm not going to pay %24.99, Citiskank, and your fees are unbelievable. I don't believe I'm recieving any kind of extra service for these exorbitant costs. I owe you money, I'm short now, but I'm not consenting to these costs.

So they yelled and whined and sent me to collections, which was fine with me, I'm the one who has the money, deal with me fairly, and we all get along. I actually enjoyed talking to the CA guys because I can get them to hang up on me! They aren't familiar with talking to someone that has zero fear of them or of "bad credit", I really don't care about that. What I care about is everyone being fair with each other. This is exactly what was happening.....they realized they could talk to me and I would talk to them, but we are going to DEAL with each other with respect.

The problem is: my family heard through the grapevine of what they thought was a "problem I was having" and therefore I needed to be rescued. I think this has more to do with them, than actually helping me!

Anyways, if I post info that isn't important please excuse me, I'm not sure how to handle this.

Bottom line is I'm not sure whats going on, but my family doesn't

understand what I'm doing(since they didn't seem to have the need to consult me) and now my credit is, in a way, going backwards because this is not the strategy I was using!

Here's the bad part: my family even forged my consent to this!!!!!

Now I don't know what to do.

If I get nasty with CA, is my family now in danger because obviously this fraud is going to come out!!!!! I don't see how the CA didn't know what was happening, they were playing on my familly's fear and telling them they were doing the right thing, I think. I don't know!! This all happened behind my back. THIS IS TRUE!!! I know it's hard to believe, but this is what is happening.

Does anyone have advice for me. This is what I really want: I want my family to get their money back!!! This is embarrassing to me and I actually feel dis-empowered, if that makes any sense. What can I do?

Thanks in advance for any info,



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First of all, the CA violated the FDCPA by talking about your debts with 3rd parties, that is absolutely NOT allowed.

Second, your family won't be in any trouble, but how is it they 'forged' your so-called 'consent' to .. whatever it was. What exactly did they do/sign etc ???

I seriously doubt you'll get your family's money back, CA's don't give BACK money unless you sue their butts off - and since they apparently discussed your debt with 3rd parties without your consent, you DO have grounds to sue them.

Challenge the 'consent' , YOU didn't sign it, YOU gave NO authority to anyone to do anything FOR you - its a forgery plain and simple.

As for your disagreement with CB's fees, you DID agree to them when you accepted the credit card agreement and signed on the dotted line for every charge. Yes, they're ripping us off, but there's not a whole lot you can do to argue with them.

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You need to do some SERIOUS searching and find a lawyer..

and you need to kick your family in the buttocko's for interfering in your money matters.

I would shoot my family if they did anything like that... heck I yell at them all the time for paying bills that they have no idea what they were... but that is another story.

It is not fraud that they forged your signature or anything because the CA violated the law in getting them to do so... they lied to get your family to help..

See where I am going with this.. I can' think of the actual legal term.

Misrepresentation maybe?

You need a lawyer... now.

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I would pay to see the CA's face when they get caught for presenting forged documents...Not to mention threatening your family into committing what they(the CA) knew was fraud. :shock: They'll compare your signature with the one ont eh documetns. It won't match, plus whoever in your family did it will testify to it and how they were coerced into signing the fraudulent document. May I come to court and bring some popcorn? I DO enjoy things like this. :twisted:

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