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SOL Question for the Lawyers

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I live in Ohio

I would like to know what the SOL is on Credit Cards/MasterCard/Visa for my state.

I have had some people tell me they are Open-ended accounts and others say they are Written Contracts.

I really need to have this verified by a legal professional that knows the Ohio state laws on this subject. Or, some idea of how I could find out the actual law for quoting in a letter to CA.


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Per the FEDERAL Truth in Lending Act, credit cards are OPEN-ENDED AGREEMENTS, NOT written contracts.

OH statutes are a mess, but the SOL generally for credit cards - or an contract NOT in writing, is 6 years - not the 15 that CA's would throw at you.

You can check out this bit of the OH statutes that excludes credit cards from being written contracts:


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