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Tax Lien's


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Here is the deal, I have two tax liens on my credit reports right now. One is for 470.00 and the other is for 1,100.00 in the state of Utah. Now the one for 470.00 dollars is paid in full as of 3 months ago but is still showing up as I owe the entire amount.

The other one for over 1,000.00 dollars is almost paid in full too. That one has a balance of approx 250.00. Now, first off who is reporting these to the CRA's. I know the courts do not report to any CRA's so how do they get tax lien info?

Second, I just wrote a letter to Experian telling them that the lien for 470.00 is paid in full and that I am requesting a full investigation into that trade line. Now if Experian comes back to me and tells me that the information has been verified I know that it is Bull. There is no way that they did do an investiagtion or they would know that the lien is paid in full.

I don't trust Experian at all, besides that I am in special handling so my disputes supposesdly get special attention to detail. On my credit report it states that a lien for 470.00 was made against me and that the Utah state tax commission is the plaintiff. So my question about this is who is Experian supposed to contact on this matter?

Is an Experian rep going to contact the tax commission or court house to verify the information? Public record disputes and information are different then a credit card trade line and I need to know how it all works in the case of tax liens.

As far as my other lien which is almost paid off what should I do? should I contact Experian and inform them that the balance reported is incorrect and ask for a full investigation into this trade line as well.

These liens are a thorn in my side and I am so close to having the last one paid off but I really need them off of my reports. I would love to hear from other members who have experiance with tax liens.


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Almost every lien will show up as a public record, and thus on your report if they investigate. Usually a third party supplies this information to the CRA. Even a paid lien will continue on your report as it is still public record-just because it's paid doesn't make it disappear, much like a paid collection or paid judgment.

However, if you are persistant and keep disputing it every other month-it will probably eventually disappear (mine did for me). Just keep disputing it.

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Thank you for your reply, I am trying to think one step ahead. Experian is supposed to contact the source of the information to verify the trade line. On my credit report it states that I have a judgement against me and that the plaintiff is the Utah state Tax Commission. If I read the FCRA correctly Experian must contact the source of the information which appears to be the 3rd District Court or the Utah State Tax Commission.

This lien is paid in full and has been for over three month's. If Experian comes back and tells me that the item has been verified and remains unchanged then that is not correct. The lien is paid in full and if they would have done a thorough and reasonble investigation they would have found this out and updated the trade line accordingly.

Now I know that the clerks office does not report to the CRA's so like you said the public information had to come from somewhere. LexisNexis might be the source for example. I am just wondering that if Experian got my public information from Lexis then why isn't Lexis listed on my report as the source of the information? That is another thing that pisses me off, how the hell can one CRA verify information from another CRA, if that ends up to be the case in this situation? What does everyone else think, am I on to something or just grasping for straws.

If you look at my report the information either came from the court or the tax commision. There is no mention of any other source of information, this is misleading to the consumer. The consumer relies on the information on his or her report to be correct. If I wanted to contact the source of the information myself based off of what my credit report says I would contact the court or the commission. I would not have a clue about how to contact the true source of the information as it is represented. I think that the FTC should look into this.

If a judgement is paid but still shows a balance due then the trade line is incorrect. It is up to the CRA to verify the information. In the best case scenerio I would like the trade line to fall off after some disptues but until that time if it showed as paid in full it would look better on my reports.

I guess I just need to know what to do if they tell me they verified it as accurate and do not change it. Can I show that had Experian done the proper investigation they would have corrected my file. Experian still has about 30 days to respond so I am just thinking ahead.

Thanks again...........................................

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