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who do I try to pay?


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I have a pretty old account with AT&T cable. It is for 621. It is from 10-2000. I would like to pay this but who do, or should, I contact? AT&T or the CA? What's the best way? I have been reading these boards for a few month now, ALOT of good info on here, thanks alot. I never knew I could ask them to delete for a settlement. Good thing I found these boards cause im going to clean my credit and take care of this stuff the smart way!

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I would defionitely call ATT direct. They might push you off but I think they'll have a collection department that does this ful time and will understand the agreement to delete process. Don't trust them though! always assume they will not go through with what they say. There are a few things you have to have to get a CRA to delete from an agreement.

* Company letterhead

* Account in questions number

* Your full name

* social

* EXACTLY what they (CRA ) are to do with the listing. i.e.. settled

for lesser posted, removed due to innacuracy, settled for lesser amount, etc..

Those should be the basics to help you look over the agreement letter from the OC.

Good Luck,

Edubb :twisted:

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