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DEBT consolidation loans...

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Even if approved by those companies mentioned...

...you'd be paying high interest debt off with even HIGHER interest debt! These companies are usually LAST resort for people and are not suitable for "refinancing" unsecured debt. (Trust me, I know, I did it and I wish I never had!)

I'd try PFB first to ask for a lower rate on the accounts in question. If utilization is good (under 50% and preferrably under 30%), try for a CLI. If that doesn't work, I'd try for a unsecured card with a good intro APR.

If getting additional credit won't help, you might want to try contacting each creditor to establish a better payment plan for affordable payments.


BTW, CitiFinancial & Beneficial are other companies in the same category that you are asking about.

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Great ideas! :!:

I have looked at his money and he basically wants one payment and that's it. I will talk to him about utilization but he's very low and just needs help getting out from under school/revolving interest. Maybe I can look into the full extent of his rates! You know.

I'll keep you posted!


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Guest jeeptravel

edubb. I heard Dr. Phil the other day and his credit repair expert say that you should never borrow money against your house to pay credit card debt. I've also heard Suze Orman say it many times. I'd encourage him to hang in there and keep the home equity high.

I know freids and advice re kinda like oil and water

hope you are well sir


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Thanks JT..

I thin khis main battle is there is no home for the equity to be kept in. He has no property and that seems to be his problem. No collateral! I told him to keep paying and once he finds the right deal he'll know. I just have no where for him to turn. He has:

1 CC BT of 0% for another year about 3K

1 CC BT 0% for another year about 4k

1 school loan at 8.25 w/ 3600K

1 Installment/Refi @ 13-16% w/ 12K

With no property to secure funds with he is going to get a personal loan with about 21-25% interest! Whacked out rate. So he should stay where he is. It's the big bill that's killing him @ 13-16%! That's highway robbery! :evil:

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Geez I HATE to agree with Suze (who gives tons of bad advice about credit, IMHO, but who is decent on other personal finance issues) and Dr. Phil (whom I despise), but they are right - it's generally a bad idea.

However, if that's the last place for him to turn, it's certainly more cost efficient than ruining his credit.

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