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Any Suggestions on card to apply for?

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I am in the process of rebuilding my credit. I have 2 mortgages (couple of lates early last year), a car loan (paid as agreed), 1 closed charge card (some lates last year), student loans (some lates in the past). I really have no revolving credit and would like to establish some.


CSC- 551

EX - 565

TU - 557

Collection Accounts:

CSC - 4

EX - 4

TU - 3

Charge Offs:

TU - 1

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If your ficos are close to your fakos, then it's kinda low to get a card right now. You may be able to get a secured card....or you could possibly get a First Premier card.

I assume you're working on those collection accounts? Have you started that part of it yet? Those are what's holding your score back.

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I am working on those collection accounts now. I actually have gotten 8 CO off Ex, 8 CO off TU, and 8 CO off CSC. The last time I checked my FICO scores my scores were:

FICO 9/28/04 FAKO: 9/28/04

CSC - 518 CSC - 523

Exp - 526 Exp - 550

TU - 571 TU - 542

So a gas card would not be available to me either?

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You should wait,keep making payment on thing in 6 month your points maybe up some...If you can't try cap one,,my brother who had bad credit always late got 50.. not alot but it's a start.

Forget that !!!!try a Secured card , just to rebuild yor credit,once they got faith in you the good ones will send to you.

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