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Arrow non pp question

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Ok, I've been lurking for the last couple of months and decide to come out of the closet to ask a question.


filed BK13 11/98 - I am certain that all debt was included - discharged 3 years later, all payments made on time - everything good. I have incured no new debt, none.

I look at my credit report 11/2004 and find that 2/2004 Arrow pulled my credit, and had reported a charge-off. I dispute with CRA, and at the same time DV'd Arrow. CRA deleted TL, no response from Arrow. After about 40 days I send Arrow another letter asking why they pulled my credit, and what relationship do they have to me. All letters to Arrow sent CMRRR. Arrow has never attempted to collect anything.

The only thing I can think of is that they are sitting on discharged debt. If so would they have a PP? If there is no PP, how should I proceed? I want them to remove inquiry, and quit pulling my credit.

Many thanks in advance. Great board!

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If they were in fact trying to collect on a discharged debt, then they did not have PP! Since they allowed the deletion on your report, I'm guessing someone there is going "oops!".

Get your $1000 you've got coming to you!

BTW: I HATE ARROW! They inserted a derog TL while I was protected by the BK automatic stay.

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