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Help! Need advise before I get served again

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I live in Ga, At the beginning of Dec. I moved from one county to another. Last week when I got home, there was a notice on my door from the sheriffs department from the county that I moved from stating that he was trying to deliver civil papers and they could be picked up at the sheriffs ofc.

Today, when I went to pick them up, I was told they had been returned to the court because I no longer live in their jurisdiction. They gave me the name/number of someone at the court house.

I called court house and they said that it is from Colorado Capital Investments acting on behalf of Providian Credit Card. She stated they are wanting approx. $4,000 dollars which she said was debt plus interest.

I had a friend pull a copy of my credit report. I see where I do have on my report Providian last activity 2/01 in amount of $2183 status charged off - transferred/sold It also provides the account number

It also shows Colorado Capital Investments - Acct Number shows Providian but has a different account number. The address for them appears to be invalid and the phone number shows 111-111-1111. They are showing date of last activity as 10/2001 and date deliquent first reported as 5/2004 They show amount owed as $2790

What do I need to do to prepare for them? I am sure they will go to the county and serve me at my new address? Could they already have a judgement against me without me being notified and gone to court to fight it? The SOL according to my credit report is coming up soon. Ga is 4 years from what I read so from 2/01 that would mean 2/05........right around the corner. Is their anything I can do to stall this?

Help! I need advise quick.

There is also

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they haven't served you yet, so they have no judgment. I would wait until March to do anything. But then, I'm not sure. The SOL is 4 yrs, but the items can stay on your CR for 7 years. The best you could do, thinkning out loud, is get the Providian charge off removed as it duplicates the CCap item. But why bring that up?

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I am afraid that I won't be able to wait until March. I am sure when the attorney gets the papers back from the old county telling that I moved from that county...............they will probably give my new address where they tried to serve me. So......I will probably get something from my new county soon.

Should I try to contact them to dispute it so that it is delayed. The account number they have on the credit report is inaccurate and they have raised the $ amount from the original.

Or...........do I just wait to see when I get served at the new address/county?

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