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Notification of Dispute

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I sent a DV letter to CA on Dec. 7, and received a response letter to that from RJM Acquisitions. This letter I received says: In response to your letter, please be guided by the following. A MBNA America Visa account was opened Feb. 11, 1998, in the name of (My name), SS#12*-**-3456 (just inserted the first two digits and last four of my real ss#). The last payment of $15.00 was posted Aug. 2, 2003. RJM has ceased collection activity and the above referenced account is currently under investigation. While under investigation, this account is being reported by RJM to Trans-Union and Experian with the notation: "Account info. being disputed by consumer." blah, blah, blah....Enclosed please find a Notification of Dispute form. Kindly complete this form and return in the postage paid envelope if you are disputing any portion of the balance claimed.

Is this something I need to fill out and send back, and then wait for them to officially validate by debt? I would think that by filling this out and returning (there is a part on the form that says: I am responsible for the sum of ___________) that I would be validating my own debt instead of them validating it for me. Does anyone have any advice or experience on something similar. What do I do now?


MK :?

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Yes it actually looks like they were trying to flip the situation back around on you.

Perhaps they dont have the documentation that supports them reporting to any of the CRA's, and therefore if they can get you to admit it belongs to you then they can collect.

Sly devils........

You may have them by the balls!!

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