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Results from TU disputes - Good and Bad (pls help w/bad)


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I just received the results from my first dispute EVER with TU.

Citibank - Updated from collection to IIB (I can live with that)

Home Depot - Updated from collection to IIB (Main problem with this one is it's a duplicate) I'll just dispute the other one as a duplicate then!

Dunstone Financial - BASTAGES!!! No change what so ever. These jerks placed this tradeline on my report while I was under my BK automatic stay. It reads as an open account, factoring company account. It does say >CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY< (Note that it does not say Included in Bankruptcy like all of the others). Status as of 11/2004 - Collection account!

Arrow Financial - DELETED!!!!

HSBC Best Buy - DELETED !!!!!

And for the very best of holiday gifts: Wells Fargo updated my repo to 0 balance PAID AS AGREED - ACCOUNT CLOSED!!! I can't believe this is now showing as a positive tradeline!! Woo Hoo!!!

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