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Experian Results Back Need Help Desperately


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I disputed with Experian and they received the Dispute around Dec 27. Today I received correspondence dated 12/30/04 stating

"was previously investigated". However, I am disputing a tradeline I have never disputed before. I had disputed not mine.

Their letter continues to say:

"If you still believe the item is inaccurate,then we can add a statement of continued dispute to you personal credit report at yuor request or you may wish to contact the credit grator. If you question the results of our investigation, then yu may want to contact the data furnisher directly. Please refer to your original personal credit report for the business name, address, and phone number of the source of the verified the information"

How should I proceed?

Also, for my husband's report I disputed one item and send them a copy of his license a a current utility bill.

They responded "We were unable to honor your recent request because we were unable to access your report using the identification information you provided. Now they are requesting two proofs of address, social security number; date of birth and complete addresses for the past two years.

I had also included a recent report number as reference.

Please give me some guidance as to how to proceed.


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