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Need more advice, quickly


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Hi guys!

I posted about a month back and got some great feedback, but now I need more. I had an account in collections with Academy Collections. After threats (even going as far as to say they would take my mom's house away from her) I reported them to everyone imaginable, starting with the Attorney State General. Anyway, they wrote me back saying the account has been closed, and they dispute what I said about them threatening me, blah, blah, blah, but nevertheless, they closed the account and sent it back to Citibank since they couldn't validate.

OK, well, now Citibank has sent the debt to an attorney, and I received their notice. So far, so good...they have complied with all the rules, told me I can dispute, etc. I sent them a debt validation letter, the exact one that is posted for reference on this site.

They sent me back a letter, but not with all the info I requested. For example, they didn't tell me whether or not they were authorized to collect, what their license number is, etc. They end the letter saying "documentation may follow" but this was over three weeks ago.

My question is this: Aren't they required to answer all of my inquiries? Or is that not the law? At this point, I know Citibank is ready to sue, but before I make a big stink about this, I'd like to make sure whether or not this law firm has to comply with sending me all the documentation I listed, and if not, will that stand up in court? I mean can I say, here is what I sent, they didn't give me all the documentation I asked for, etc.

Hope that wasn't too confusing, but I'm confused myself at this point. This law firm hasn't called me or anything, and they're actually being downright friendly in all correspondence, but I'd like to make sure about the above issue.



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