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crashed car, no insurance, PLEASE HELP with advice!!

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About a year ago, I someone crashed my car, had no insurance. At the time, i had one way insurance. Got several lawyers, all of them lagged on my case (3 lawyers, all of them did nothing for me, just made the case wait out, thats why its past a year) so i dealt with the insurance companies myself. the opposiing insurance company is offering me 5k for uninsured motorist for the state of california.

now here is the question, i still have a loan with the bank of about 19k and they are holding my pink slip. (they do not know about the crash and i've been making all my payments)

as soon as i receive the 5k, i want to let my bank kjnow so i can sell the crashed car. (its sitting on my driveway)

Are there any options I can request to my bank ? Good faith effort (giving them the car and the 5k and dropping the loan ? ) Asking them for any time of leniency ? Are there any deals i can requests ??

What actions the bank can take on me?

Please help!! I know, i shouldve gotten the 2-way but i didnt. i was stupid at the time.

Thanks for reading and/or offering any type of advice.

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