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Ex-wife's assigned debt & State SOL question


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My ex and I were divorced in 7/97 and as a result of the divorce we split up credit cards and their accompanying debt. Now I have a charge off on my credit report from the card that she was assigned responsibility for. I haven't used the card since our divorce and all addresses relating to the card are hers. I don't know if it shows up on her reports or not but First USA (OC) and Sherman(CA) have been coming after me. I should say that Sherman is since First USA charged it off in 2000.

I have tried repeatedly to DV with all three CRA but keep getting the same "investigation results" back from them. It shows a last activity date as being older that the last payment date which, in turn, is well after the charge off date and obviously incorrect so it seems that no one even bothers to look at their own paperwork.

I don't know what to do anymore. I have noticed that state SOL laws generally seem to be much shorter that the 7 years provided for in the FCRA. Does this mean that negative entries must be removed within the state determined SOL? What do the state SOL mean? Thanks so much for any input.

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