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Selling a house...

Ravenous Wolf

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My wife and I finally decided to find a new house.

As a result, we have to sell our current house. I have never done this before so I was wondering if anyone could comment on the process.

This upcoming April will be two years that I have been making mortgage payments so I think I will have next to squat when it comes to equity.

There is only one more house left to be sold in the neighborhood by the builder so the subdivision is pretty much complete. There are a few houses for sale and my neighbor across the street just sold his house.

I am not really looking for any kind of big profit off of this. In fact, I would be happy if someone would just take over the payments.

We will move into our in-laws place until a new house is finished so the sooner the better to sell the house (that way with zero rent and lower living expenses we can straighten out our debt issues).

For our new house, we are thinking about using the same builder. They have a “move up” program in which they will help sell my current house since they were the ones that built it. We are seriously considering using them as a realtor as long as they don’t pull any funny stuff on us.

Anyway, any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

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