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state's usury interest - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN


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I was reading up on vacating a judgement. I was wondering what the state's usury interest is and how would I know if that applied to my case? I have a judgement from CNAC from 1999 (when account was opened). These people ripped us off from the beginning. We bought a car from them with a drive train warranty on it. WEll the car breaks down 2 months later. we take it back to get fixed, they won't fix it. So we give it back to them and buy us something else (we had to , to be able to have a car to drive). Then they fix it, and turn right around and resell it for the same amount they sold it to us for (within 1 months time). But they charged us the full amount for the vehicle. We didn't even show up at the court date because someone had told us that once you sign the contract it doesn't matter if they screwed you or not, your stuck so we felt like we had no chance of winning. I still get pissed about it just thinking about it!! Anyways does anyone think there's anything I can do at all? We had just had a chapter 7 bankruptcy dismissed, (it wasn't even dismissed for 2 weeks yet) but I couldn't claim that it was included in that. The thing is that its a large amount showing as a judgement 5600.00. I know that has to be hurting my credit a lot. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

I had read about the state's usury interest and just wondered what it was in case it might help me.



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