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How do I remove collections resulting from doctor's bills???


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I am trying to clean up my credit report and have several listings from collection agencies due to medical bills. What is the best outcome I can negotiate when making full payment to the agency: remove their listing entirely from my report or notate "Paid as Agreed"

I read that collections agencies resulting from doctor's bills may legally remain on my report. True? Is "Paid as Agreed" the best I can do? If so, how many years will it be on my report and when does that time start, date of service or last past due?

In speaking to the collection agencies, they are saying they can not have it removed. They can send a letter indicating I have paid the balance and I can submit that letter to the Credit Bureaus requesting each of them to remove the collection agency listing.

If the bill has been paid to the collection agency and the credit report listing notes "Paid Account" is it in my best interest to have that note changed to read "Paid as Agreed"?

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