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Getting to the end of things!!


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May of 2004, my first of 10 old CC accounts hit the SOL. Since then, I have been disputing and getting deletes on almost all accounts that have hit the 6 year mark. I only have 2 account left that are still within the SOL. One goes away on 1/29/05, and one in April 2005. Up to this point, I just dispute online, either Not mine, no knowledge, or whatever the similar reference is depending on the Credit bureau. They have all been deleted without issue, until this month I have run into my first snag.

I have 2 accounts that Midland credit Management has. Both of them are past SOL. I disputed them with all 3 and here were the results. Eq came back verified on both accounts. Ex deleted the one associated with Citibank, and verified AT&T Universal account. Tu deleted the one associated with At&T Universal, and verified the Citibank account. This was all round one.

As soon as my EQ report came back verified, I sent off a Debt Validation letter to Midland on both the Citi, and AT&T accounts. Got the Green card back today dated 1/7/05. So now I am in a waiting game to see if they come up with validation, which I am sure they wont. On 2/7/05, I will dispute again with the credit bureaus, but I wanted to know if due to the discrepancies above, I could get them deleted other ways.

Since TU deleted my AT&T account, could I show EQ and EX the delete letter, and would they follow suit. Same thing could I show TU and EQ that EX deleted the Citibank and account, and would they follow suit?

Thanks to this board. So far, I have got Experian down to 4 negatives from 10. Got TU down to 3 negatives from 10. Got EQ down to 5 from 10. Haven't paid a dime to anyone, in fact I am current set to sue Capital one for trying to collect on an Junk debt account they purchased after it was past SOL, and listing it with the credit bureaus. Who would have thought that I would actually get money from these old debts. Also have a Mortgage, and an Auto loan to help build my credit back up! It has been fun playing hardball with everyone, and fighting back.

If anyone knows of a creative way of getting the Midland accounts removed, please let me know.

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