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Question about ch. 7 timing and new job


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I have been reading this forum for several hours, and really appreciate all the helpful information. I will be filing ch. 7 soon, but I have a question.

First, this is my understanding of the process:

1) I file for bankruptcy (list my assets and debts), then 30-40 days later I have my hearing, and 60 days after that the bankruptcy is discharged.

2) To qualify for ch. 7 (versus ch. 13), I can have no more than $100 left over per month when I subtract all my monthly debt from my monthly income.

My question/situation:

I have received no income over the last 4 months (and even for at least 8 months before that, my income was very low), so I definitely qualify for ch. 7. However, it looks like I might finally have a new job lined up (in a different state), but my pay will be higher, and I am afraid I might not qualify for ch. 7 (it will be close, and I don't want to be forced into a ch. 13). If I have moved to another state and am receiving a higher income at the time of the hearing (even though I clearly qualified for ch. 7 at the time of my filing), will this invalidate my earlier figures (i.e., is the official date the filing date or the hearing date)?

I assume at the hearing they will ask me my address, and when they ask why I am living in a different state, I will have to tell them about my new job. If I hold off on my move/job until after the hearing, will I be in the clear?

So, the essence of my question:

If my living situation/income changes between the filing date and the hearing date, is this going to be: no problem, a possible problem, or a big problem? Should I just wait to accept a new job and move after the hearing date (but before the discharge)?

Thanks in advance for all your help. Reading this forum has really calmed me down a lot.

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Well, I think if you DON'T cash the checks, then you are OK.

So if you work for 3 months and don't cash the checks you receive from your new job, then you are technically in the same financial situation before the new job. So you will be still eligible for bankruptcy.

The court only uses your tax returns. Can anyone confirm this?

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