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Hi, are these scores any good?


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Hi, are these scores any good? What are good scores to have?

So Excited at seeing the improvements in my scores:

12/09/04 --> Now

EX: 629 --> 655

EQ: 598 --> 641

TU: 648 --> 668

The EQ and TU scores will go up soon as those reports state I have items reporting as "Not in Repayment" when in fact they are were in repayment and now completely paid off...

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You're well on your way.... shoot for the 680's (then the 700's)....

The one thing I would suggest not doing is applying for credit like crazy right now. Keep working on cleaning up the remaining derogatories and then.

A "good" score to have... 750 and higher, but that's a lot of work and takes some time....

You're definately on the right track though.

Keep up the good work!

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It cracks me up when girls are called "dude" 8-)

My wife and I call each other dude all the time, lol........ Sometimes it's funny....

Cell call outside of my shop....

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"did you just tell a dude you love them"

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Just remember, if those are your "FAKO" scores, your FICO scores can be very different! I know first hand! My FAKO's were in the 640-660 range, however when I went in to apply for a mortgage, my fico's were all in the 500's! That sucked! However some people say their FAKO's are lower than their FICO's. So who know's, but definitely check your FICO's too.

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