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Before Sending SOL (time-barred) letters.

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The SOL on a debt I have is about to expire. What procedures should I take, i.e. who should I contact, what measures to ensure no lawsuits have been executed prior to me sending time-barred letters off to the CA? How long should I wait after SOL has expired? My state is a cause of action state.


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Follow the debt validation procedure, and that should fix things...

:oops: Maybe I need to post more messages to be properly heard :oops: <sigh> I thought I explained clearly? Sorry if I did not.

If I do that now, I risk a lawsuit, validating now is the furthest from my mind. I am thinking removal from CR via letter based on time-barred SOL debts, BUT-- I don't want to proceed until AFTER SOL has expired and I can be assured there are no lawsuits, perhaps filed in the plaintiff's jurisdiction or mine, in the EVENT I DID NOT RECEIVE NOTICE. I do not want to be surprised by some default judgement or lawsuit filing after I take action, unless they attempt to file after it's time-barred. Where do I go to find out and how do I go about doing this? I want to ensure nothing has been filed before I send out any letters.

If it were me, I'd lay low until I was sure the SOL was passed...remember..."let sleeping dogs lie".


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Actually, just because a debt is SOL doesn't mean it will be removed from your CR...unless you happen to be in a state where the SOL is 7yrs + 180 days. SOL and removal from CR are two different things.

So I have to agree with LeadHead...wait until after the SOL. Then, at least, if they do sue, you've got an absolute defense.

And...if you want to see if something has already been filed against you, check with your local clerk of courts...many have web sites these days.

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