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FREE letter on Microsoft Office site for collectors (RATE)

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Thought you all might give me your opinion on this letter.

Microsoft Office offers it as a free download on their site. Here is the link. They also say you can leave feed back and rate this letter.


Just curious what this board thinks.

COLLECTION LETTER 2: Example of a letter used by a collection agency or an attorney after the creditor has referred the claim for debt collection

Dear _________[Name of debtor]:

I have been retained by _________[name of creditor] to collect from you the entire balance, which as of _________[date], was $_________[amount], that you owe _________[creditor] on your _________[type of account] Account No. _________.

If you want to resolve this matter without a lawsuit, you must, within one week of the date of this letter, either pay _________[creditor] $_________[amount] against the balance that you owe (unless you’ve paid it since your last statement) or call _________[creditor] at _________[creditor’s phone number] and work out arrangements for payment with it. If you do neither of these things, I will be entitled to file a lawsuit against you, for the collection of this debt, when the week is over.

Federal law gives you thirty days after you receive this letter to dispute the validity of the debt or any part of it. If you don’t dispute it within that period, I’ll assume that it’s valid. If you do dispute it—by notifying me in writing to that effect—I will, as required by the law, obtain and mail to you proof of the debt. And if, within the same period, you request in writing the name and address of your original creditor, if the original creditor is different from the current creditor (_________[creditor]), I will furnish you with that information too.

The law does not require me to wait until the end of the thirty-day period before suing you to collect this debt. If, however, you request proof of the debt or the name and address of the original creditor within the thirty-day period that begins with your receipt of this letter, the law requires me to suspend my efforts (through litigation or otherwise) to collect the debt until I mail the requested information to you.

[signature of collection agent or attorney]



Do I smell violations?

or is this letter OK?

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it doesnt sound ok to me..

"you MUST, within one week of the date of this letter," really conflicts with the 30 days to dispute, and if you think about it, one week from the date of the letter, well, lets say it got posted on thursday the 1st, you dont receive it til monday the 5th, it gives you 3 days to (you MUST) contact them. the dates are all messed up, must contact within one week of the date of the letter, but your 30 days goes from the receipt of the letter. its very unclear (IMHO)

very suss and bordering upon a violation. esp. if they did not file suit after the one week is over.

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Yep....it reeks of overshadowing. :shock:

And, like anti said, if they don't file suit in a week after sending this letter, it's also using deceptive means to attempt to collect.

It also doesn't say "this communication is from a debt collector. This communication is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained from this communication will be used for that purpose."


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I think that we all should rate this letter a fantastic and when the DumbA** CA's use it we can blast them from the water. ::laugh::


P.S. Why would anyone be dumb enough to post a collection letter on Microsofts webpage? There are 26 "collection letters" posted. I guess it is for the do-it-youselfers

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