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[help] is this a case of Re-Aging and what to do next?


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Hi all l'm new to the forum and l'm already doing some reading willing to learn all l can, well l need you help and this is what l got from my EQ credit report (l got the 3-in-1 but this is the most updated the other 2 l'm still waiting respond from some dispute).

Alerts from ScoreWatch

01/12/2005 Dormant Card Activity Date of last activity more than 11 months.

There has been a change to an inactive account which exceeds the limits set in your Alert Preferences. If this is incorrect, contact CBUSASEARS

Summary of Changes to Your Inactive Account

Account Name Account Number Date of Activity

Previous (b4 1/12/05)CBUSASEARS 65395703XXXX 11/01/2000

New (changes after 1/12/05) CBUSASEARS 65395703XXXX 10/01/2001

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uh, hmmm. I'm going to take a stabb in the dark here, but honeslty I'm confused by those reports. Call it the least common denominator or whatnot,

Have you tried to dispute the lines with the CRA's? If not try that, but first send DV to these jokers to make them verify this. Have they had contact with you at all?

Calvary is one I'm having problems with for SPCS, they seem to be junk debt buyers, who went on a shopping spree of junk or closed accounts.

Give us some more details and I'm sure someone here can help. I'm still kinda new here too, but some great folks with good knowledge.

It seems to me that there is an awefull lot of information missing from those trade-lines, so that's disputable on it's own. Where is the balance, the original ifno, the date of closure.... either way it looks fishy to me

WOW! just re-read your first post again to clerify this.... This looks like clear re-insertion, dispute on that fact. Do you have proof they deleted? did the CRA notify you of this re-insertion? either way dispute it and send DV


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Good Morning DREP,

Welcome to CIC! IF you want to learn about credit repair, this is one of the best places to start. I'm just a housewife, and I could be wrong, but I really don't see any major violations on these tradelines. Reporting dates have nothing to do with the "date of last activity". They all appear to be paid collections and disputing the information right off the bat with the CRA's will get you very little satisfaction. The CRA's only report the information that the CA's send them, so they will almost always refer you back to the creditors. Also, let me be the first to tell you to never discuss your disputes over the phone with collection agents. They get paid to tell you no and will do anything to get you to say something that is not in your best interest, all the while recording your every word. Always proceed in writing and always keep copies of everything relating to your disputes.

Now, if it were me, I'd start by writing these first two agencies and demanding that they prove the debts that they are reporting are yours and that they have the right to report them. This is the debt validation strategy, and I promise, it works! Chances are that since both of these debts have been settled, they may not have all the required documents to prove the debt is yours and that they have the right to report it. You can get a sample letter for debt validation at the top of this page under "sample letters".

One question about the Sears tradeline...did you really just pay it off in December? If this is accurate, then the debt validation strategy may not accomplish much. You could try it and if they respond with the appropriate proof, then try a goodwill letter to see if they will report it as "PAID" only, instead of "paid collection".

Try to be patient waiting for reply's around here. Sometimes it may seem like no one is paying attention or that no one gives a flip, but that is far from true. Every time someone wins a dispute with a CA or CRA, we strike a little blow against unlawful collection tactics, and that is a very good thing. Hope this helps, and good luck.

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Hi Drep,

It will be easier to order the hard copies of the report also. You need to really look at it with a fine tooth comb. Sometimes with the 3 in one it is very hard to read. Your hard copies will give you more detailed information, and also if the CRA tries to reinsert deleted items you are able to spot them more accurately. Always get the hard copy and compare them with the 3 in one especially if you are just starting out.


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