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MBNA Charge Off


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Hello All:

I have aN MBNA Charge off on my TU. The charge off date is April 2001 (SOL in California is 4 years). I made a foolish mistake and paid 4 payments from Sep. to Dec. 2001; therefore, I am within SOL until Dec. 2005.

A few months ago, I had a CA on this account, but after sending DV to them, they deleted it from my CR. Now, it is only MBNA TL on my CR, which states:

Acct Status: Closed

Monthly Payment: $0

Balance: $0

Past Due: $0

Remarks: Purchased by another lender

Payment Status: Charged off as bad debt

My question: is this TL considered paid charge off or not paid? The balance is $0 and is purchased by another lender which does not show in my CR.

I have disputed it with TU already, and am hoping the whole thing gets deleted. This is the only negative in my TU.

Thank you all,


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