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Husband Debt from previous marriage

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My husband was left with 3 major debts from his first marriage. The debts (unsecured CC) total about $40,000. He hired (pd $5,000) a debt settlement company Family Financial 9/04 to help him reduce the amount he owed. As of today they have not been successful. Amex has filed a judgement against him locally. They have not done wage garnishment or bank seizure yet. But could at any time. Optima & Bank one have not pursued this in court yet. We are in the rpocess of buying a house. He is getting bonuses from now until June. We have borrowed money from my mother to cover the cost of the down payment. We will them send her the bonuses each month until it is paid. He has been informed by a lawyer he is eligible to file chapter 13 bk. He dones't want to do so until he is no longer getting the bonuses. He received notice Dec 2, 04 the judgement was entered. How much can they garnish from his wages?Can they garnish these bonuses? Should he file the bk now or wait it out until July when he is back to his regular pay? The mortgage is in my name alone, can he claim that on the bk because he pays the bill? Thanks in advance.

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Welcome...and...wow! Sounds like you need to spend part of your husbands bonus' on a local attorney.

First, you need to go after Family Financial to get your money back. This sure sound like one of the credit fixer scams.

Second, AMEX (in all their forms) are usually pretty nasty. Judgements, Chap 13, bonus, garnishments....are all things you're really going to need legal counsel to deal with.

No quick answers, here, I think...

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