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Summons Served

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I was served a summons regarding an old credit card debt with Associates Bank. The debt was sold off to Midland Credit Mngt. I avoided their calls and ignored their letters until they turned it over to a law firm. I also ignored those letters until a sherriff walked up to my front door and served me with papers.

The original amount to correct the default was listed as $1,125 but when the suit was filed that went up to $5,631.18. I retained an attorney who has filed a response denying all of the paragraphs (except for the one listing my residence) for lack of information and requested dismissal of the action with costs assessed to the plaintiff. (I just received a copy of his response in the mail.)

This is where it stands right now. I'm not comfortable at all with the attorney I retained and cannot afford to retain another. Where do I go from here? Just wait? How long do they have to respond to the petition?

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