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Ever had this experience with an auto loan?

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Thanks to all the heplful people on this board, my credit is looking a lot better than it did last year. :)%

Ok, ok on to my unusual question but first the story :lol: I went car shopping about 2 years ago, with my low credit score then, Bank One (now Chase) was the only creditor willing to approve me.

They approved me at 23% Apr :roll: Well now I feel I stand a good chance at getting the rest of the balance paid off at a much lower interest rate.

Has anyone ever had the experience of re-financing with the same original creditor or did you absolutely have to go with another company? Will a good will letter work perhaps? xshotx

Per Kelley Blue Book, the retail value is $7,000-$9,000, current balance is $12,000.

what's a good company to re-finance with?

Any insight on how to go about it ? Any passed experiences will be greatly appreciated :wink:

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My response was no. It's not in the OC's best interest (no pun) to refi when you've already signed at a higher APR. However, given you pay the interest at the front of the loan, they've pretty much milked you by the time you near the end of the terms.

So instead of thinking "a dollar is a dollar", they decide to get greedy and then lose the extra couple bucks they would have gotten over the remainder of the loan when you refi with someone else. Go figure.

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Exactly Don Doc,

Most of the payments thus far have gone towards the interest needless to say, leaving a major junk of the principal still unpaid. :roll:

Didn't think the original creditor would re-finance considering they will be loosing out.

I'll do some research and see if it will make a difference to re-finance as far as monthly payments go.

thanks :)

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Many people have had great success refinancing their cars with DCU.


They will refinance up to 120% of Blue Book value.

- if value is $7k BB, then they will go up to $8400

- if value is $9k BB, then they will go to $10.8k.

(I know you can figure this out, but I like to make things easy for people when I post. :D )

The important thing is - you're gonna have to pay down that loan a little before a lender would consider refinancing you.

Check with your local credit unions, but DCU has had some of the best rates out there for marginal credit!

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