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Eq 30 day procedures


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Hello all,

I have been reading this post off & on for the past year. Never had to post anything, because this forum has all the answers. However, I ran into a problem.

Started my disputes on 11/29/04. Got my green card back from Eq on 12/7. Well, I had not gotton anything back ever since. I called Eq today and the gal said they just concluded the investigation on 1/11. I advised the lady that they received my dispute on 12/7, should of been completed on 1/6. She says, "Well, it takes 5 to 7 business days to begin, it started on the 12/15, we just mailed you back the results on 1/11. "

I was wondering if this is right? Does it start the day they receive my letter or what?

Thanks for all the great info


EQ-566 ??? Still waiting

EX-594 622 1/9/05 (They refused to dispute, but score went up, weird?)

TU-542 577 1/9/05 (10 disputed, 4 deleted, wow!)

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A consumer reporting agency up to 30-days to conduct a reinvestigation into a consumers dispute. In addition, they have 5-days after for mailing.

If the consumer sends the consumer reporting agency additional information, the consumer reporting agency can take up to another 15-days.

If the dispute relates to a "free" consumer report, the consumer reporting agency has 45-days to conduct a reinvestigation.

Tip of The Day- Any dispute sent to the consumer reporting agency is considered a "reinvestigation" under the FCRA. It is "assumed" that there was an initial investigation when the item on information was originally entered.

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Thank you Miracle for the rapid response.

I understand that their our certain things I can do, however what do you suggest?

Should I contact via phone or mail. I don't want to jump the gun here. I'm guessing I'm in a good situation to get all 10 disputes deleted really soon.

Thanks again

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Well this is what I would do...

Make copies of green card showing the date they signed for it. Tell them you didn't hear from them in the 30 day period plus 5 days for mail time. They are in violation and need to delete the TLs for not investigating properly.

Sometimes this works on the first try, sometimes it does not. But, to me, that would be the next logical step :)

If you are gutsy and can think well on your feet, call them if you would like to. Tell them you have the green card dated on such and such date, you didn't recieve response from them within specified time frame and to delete TLs. When they start resisting you can quote FCRA and see what happens. I have heard of people doing this, although I personally wouldn't chose that method.

Hope that helps! :) Good luck!

Oh.. and by the way... WELCOME! :) :) :) :)

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I'm going with the letter first. I thank you very much for the rapid response. I hope this will be a quick fix, but with all the research I have done throughout this post, I a have found that, "it's all about patients". I wonder has anyone else has any personal experience with this situation. I if so, please counsel me...


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No results? Well they signed the green card. I guess they could claim in court they received a different letter but then they would have provide that letter.

Proof of late investigation will be the date of the report. On a personal note, a few years ago I sucessfully had student loans (since rehabbed) removed from my TU report by calling on day 31 and asking for the results of my request for investigation. Rep on the phone said we started the investigation on the 9th and it is almost complete. We have 30 days to complete the investigation. I replied that today was the 6th, they signed for the card on the 5th and they need to remove all disputed items that were not investigated.

If you are going to call any of the CRA's, make sure you have a copy of the FCRA in front of you Review the relevant sections several times and highlight important parts. Keep in mind that the CRA's have put together their version of the FCRA written in simple lanquage for their employees to reference when a lowly consumer has the gall to invoke their rights.

Recently, I had a woman from TU read me the FCRA according to TU regarding inquiries. I read back section 611 over and over again as I was bumped up the food chain. End result? Two inquires removed and two awaiting callbacks from the companies who initiated the inquiry.

Again, review the relevant sections of the FCRA until you can almost recite word for word. This will give you confidence. This confidence will help you in keeping your patience when dealing with these people.

One final note, when you call TU or EX and get an accented voice, do not give them your SS number. Instead keep repeating this over and over: No thank you, please transfer me to America. Keep saying this until they ask you to hold. Once you get transferred back to the US, more than likely you will end up taking to a supervisor.

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Yes.. They are in violation. :)


Although they may be in technical violation, no judge would ever rule for the comsumer under these circumstances. A consumer has to be reasonable.

1-3 days is not reasonable :)

Be careful on how you proceed

Well a judge may not rule on one violation... but if they continue to rack up the violations.... then that one violation does count for something.

The fact that this a is a violation gives the OP some leverage room to have this item corrected or removed. A violation is a violation.

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