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Providian's dogs

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I had a providian card - I now have a CA that is collecting on it They are not listed on any cra report and neither is providian for that matter.

I am going to DV them. Do you know if they have violated anything by going after a debt that is no longer on any report? They just called as well, so I will throw in the c&d line as well.

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No violations as of yet that I see.

How many letters have you gotten? If just one...what do they say?

What's DOLA on this account? Who's the CA?

I have gotten this one that I recall or held onto.

It is an offer to settle at 50% of the 1600+ owed and they are to receive the funds by 1/25/05. Of course they called this morning too to see if I got the letter and if I was going to pay or if they needed to send it to the attorney.

I have no way of knowing the DOLA since nothing shows on CRA info for the OC or this CA (central portfolio control, out of MN) I recall having a providian on one of my CRA's but it must have fallen off or been deleted.

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I agree I would send them a DV all in capitol letters......

and then in then at the end write "try the next fool". lol.

Actually no dont go that far, but I certainly agree that wouldbe the best way to deal with the situation.

Its so true there are so many debtors that will just PAY UP. (raising my hand) I was one of them.

But after learning about debt validation..I am no longer.

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