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HFC/Nevada and other TL cockroaches

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I sent a Dispute to Ex for HFC/Nevada,CBUSASEARS and UNVL/CITI

UNVL/CITI still shows in dispute from the last time I did a dispute over 6 months ago and didn't know what to do- Should I Tell them that since I received no letter back from UNVL/CITI that they should have it removed(sending a copy of the cmrr)?

HFC NEVADA- was never noted in the response I got from EX as to an investigation. Should I also send them a copy of the cmrr from HFC NEVADA that it was never validated and have them remove it?

The same goes for CBUSASEARS- never investigated and therefore no response on it and no validation either.

Thanks for help with my muddled brain :lol:

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I would definitely try. My experience with EX of late in this same scenario is they won't accept that as proof. They responded to me that despite copies of my unanswered letters they CA had validated to them. The PR request didn't turn up much either. Try, perhaps you'll have better luck. I'm at the point now where I have no choice but to sue as I've shown them this proof twice.

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