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So Far So Good, Now trying Complaints


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Well, I've been hanging around here since October of 2004, and have to say that I've learned a lot, and to date, have sucessfully gotten 14 listings off my credit files! YAY!

Unfortunately, one of those deletions is rearing it's ugly head again. It's Arrow Financial Services. I went through the whole DV rigamaroll with them last year, and finally got them deleted off of my EX and TU reports. Now they're showing up on EQ. I alredy have a dispute going with EQ, so I'm thinking I sould wait until that one is complete before opening another one.

What I have done so far is to file a complaint with the BBB online, and will file with the FTC Monday when (if) their site has been upgraded by then. It's down this weekend.

What I'm wondering is, have any of you had success with deletes by using the BBB and FTC alone, and have any of you had more than one dispute going with a CRA at one time? I don't want to confuse EQ, since they haven't responded to my first dispute letter...or my second one yet for that matter...they have a few days left before the ITS goes out.

Here's a copy of the complaint that I filed with the BBB if anyone is interested:

On October 21st, 2004, I received via fax two letters from Arrow Financial Services LLC regarding the collection of an alleged debt.

I prepared two letters in response to Arrow Financial Services advising them that I disputed the debt on both counts and requested proper validation pursuant to the FCRA. Those letters were mailed certified return receipt with the USPS. I have the receipts showing that Arrow Financial received and signed for these letters on October 29th and November 2nd, 2004.

I also disputed the invalid information with the two credit bureaus that Arrow had reported this to, Experian and Transunion. The disputes were investigated and then deleted by these two credit bureaus.

Now, Jan 15th, 2005, I have pulled my credit reports and have discovered that these accounts are now being reported to Equifax. This is a new listing after I had requested proper validation of the debt, as Arrow Financial Services had not been listed with Equifax as of October of last year.

Arrow Financial Services has never replied to my requests for proper validation of debt pursuant to the FCRA, although I contacted them twice via USPS Registered Return Receipt Mail, but they did send me two more collection letters. While the negative trade lines were deleted from Experian and Transunion, Arrow Financial Services has since created a new listing of this unverifiable and inaccurate information with the third major credit bureau, Experian. The information is not only inaccurate, it is being reported with false payment history designed to create the most possible damage to my credit file and to make the listing appear as recent when it is in fact, not.

While I am aware that I could pursue a federal court case and most likely win with all of my documentaiton, receipts, and proof that Arrow Financial is knowingly reporting false, inaccurate, unverifiable, and legally uncollectible debt to the credit bureaus and are in violaiton of the FCRA and the FDCPA, I would prefer the following:

1. The immediate and permanent deletion of these improper listings from my credit file(s)

2. A letter from Arrow Financial Services stating that (a) They have ceased collection of these debts (B) They will not attempt to collect this debt or report it to any credit reporting agency in the future and © that they will not sell this debt to another collector.

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Hey JJ,

I've been hanging around here about as long as you and I'm really impressed by your success! As far as complaints, my answer is YES. TU had me at my wit's end and I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General, BBB, FTC and Subcommittee on Banking, Credit & Insurance. Then I sent copies of those letters and the certified receipts to TU as an FYI. Let me tell you, they have turned into my least headache...my TU report is almost completely clean now. Also, I got responses from the AG and the BBB so far so if the CRA doesn't clean up their own act, the agencies you contact are willing to do investigations.

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