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Need help with Verizon


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I am not new to this game, and 2 years ago I managed to bring my FICO from a 557 to a 672 in about 8 months. The reason I am back is because of my problem with Verizon. Sorry this is long.

In April of 03, I closed my Verizon account and got an account with another company. Verizon wanted to charge a termination fee, but I told them I didnt cancel early, and wasnt liable for the charge. They said I had renewed my contract. I asked for a copy of it and they couldn't produce one.

14 months go by, I am contacted by a Collection agency. I DV. They send a letter stating it is being returned to Verizon, as they can't validate. I send a letter to Verizon, requesting Validation. I get copies of bills, but no contract. Verizon begins reporting my account as a current charge off.

October of 04, I get another Dunning letter from a different CA. I DV them, no reply.

I call and offer to settle with Verizon for deletion (it's only $175). No deal. The are alternating reporting this account as "Paid as agreed" and "Charge Off" every other month. I have disputed 3 times, no luck. It is killing my credit. Dropped FICO from a 650 to a 559. I sent another letter yesterday. I am thinking of filing suit for reaging and since Florida Law prohibits the same activities as the FDCPA, but applies it to all persons, I am going to use that. What do all of you think?

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I am not going to be helpful except to tell ya you are not alone. Verizon is a pain in my butt too and won't produce a contract. They claim I owe them $962 for 2 months service (no early termination fee) all overuse charges. I was told that I had 2000 weekend and evening minutes and 200 anytime. The say it was 2000 weekend (not evening) and 200 anytime. So, I used the phone a lot in the p.m.

Therefore, HUGE bill!

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There's nothing to say you cannot file a complaint against Verizon with the FTC and the NJ Attorney General for their shoddy business practices.

It may not be an FDCPA issue, but it is one of consumer protection.

Also, if you're not corresponding with their executive offices, you're wasting your time. Here's the contact info for corporate:

Loraine D. Rispo

Verizon Wireless

180 Washington Valley Rd.

Bedminster, NJ 07921

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Verizon....

Government Actions

On July 21, 2004 the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance was

entered into by the Attorneys Generals of 32 states (Alabama,

Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois,

Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan,

Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New

Jersey, New Mexico,North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,

Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia,

Wisconsin and Wyoming) and Cellco Partnership, dba as Verizon


This Assurance follows an inquiry by the Attorneys General as

to whether representations by Carrier in certain of its

consumer advertising materials violate consumer protection and

trade practice statutes.

The Carrier agrees to:

implement procedures to provide Consumers with printed

materials that consumers may take and that contain clear

disclosures of information;

Carrier shall disclose before the Consuemr is bound by a

contact the material terms and conditions of the free to pay

conversion including the fact that the Consumer must cancel

the free to pay conversion in order to avoid being charged;

the Carrier will be required to provide coverage maps that are

as accurate as possible using current technology;

provide new customers with a two week minimum service trial to

make sure service is available when and where they need it.

During the trial period, new customers will be permitted to

terminate their contract for any reason without having to pay

an early termination fee;

provide a full refund of activation fees if consumers decide

to cancel their contracts withing the first three days of

service, excluding national holidays;

fully disclose the costs and limits of their wireless services

in all retail, Internet and telemarketing sales.

Verizon Wireless entered into this Assurance solely for the

purpose of settlement without admitting any wrongdoing.

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DocDon, that is so interesting, and I think relevant to my problem. I found the entire document at:


It is long, but really interesting to anyone having problems with Verizon.

divemedic, you should check it out.

Thanks DocDon for keeping us all informed!

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Verizon is on the top of my S@#% list. they are on my credit report for $143 with a date of 5/05. After sending my second reinvestigation requests they updated the DOLA to 10/04 this past week. The real kicker is I have never ever had an account with these scum, nor any of the smaller companies they have swallowed up in acquisitions. They refuse to respond to reinvestigation request, they validate when I dispute with the CRA's and now re-age! Just waiting for the clock to run out on their time periods to file suit.

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