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How long is lawsuit 'active'

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I was sued by an attorney on behalf of Citibank and filed my response in court two months ago. In my response, I noted that the lawyer failed to validate my debt as required by law. I have heard nothing. I am not going anywhere or hiding and will fight if I have to, but I do not know how long a suit is 'active'...how much time does Citi's attorney have to press on with the suit? I had to answer in 10 days 'or else'! :roll:

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he will likely notic eit for trial or for a summary judgement motion. You are defending it. You have to be proactive in terms of discovery. Send the atty a form asking he provide you with copies of the following:

1. Any statements, oral or written, you made to Citibank

2. Names, titels and business addresses for every person Citibank knows has personal knowledge of your account or the subject matter of the lawsuit

3. Copies of all writings signed by you

4. Copies of all writings, letters, statements, documents, emails and other correspondence from Citibank to you and vice versa

This will keep the ball rolling.

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