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Summons question

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Thanks Doc Don. Yes, I was assuming that it was a Federal crime but wasn't sure. I do know that it is illegal in IL to leave a summons and am planning to file a motion to vacate judgement on the prior. So first step maybe in this case, file a complaint with the USPS Inspector General's office? Wouldn't I need to find in county records who served the summons? You would think one would be so stupid as to file an affadavid of service on this one! This summons is to appear on prior judgement to discover assets.

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Quick help needed here! I sent Bud Hibbs an email about this case and asked him if I should contact an atty. He didn't have an answer other than tell them I (Bud) sent you. Anyway, have been busy filling out our BK paperwork and have filed with our bk lawyer. My court date for the citation to discover assets is this Thursday, 2/3. SO, not time enough TO contact an atty. Our BK lawyer may possibly be able to file our BK on Wed, 2/2, but

probably not until the day of my court date, 2/3. If in the later, they told me to appear in court and tell the judge we have filed for BK. My question here, is there anything I may do about the illegal service of the summons?

Appear on court date, and bring this up to the judge? Can I possibly have a shot at having the judgement vacated because of the illegal/improper service? I am aware that I may have it IIB, but I am angry that the process server(s) have violated the law, and are sloppy in the way they handle these summons.

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