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Demand for deletion????


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On 12/02/2004, I sent a dispute to EXP for 6 items. A week later, I receive a letter from them saying four of the items were "previously investigated", and one item was pending. They totally forgot about the other item in which I disputed an incorrect balance. Yesterday, the one pending item was deleted, however, the one item they totally forgot about was referred to as:

"Credit grantors send us updated payment info routinely, but that does not guarantee that your most recent payment will show on your personal credit report.We update our records as soon as we receive the information from the credit grantor"

It has been well past the 30 day time frame allowed for investigations, right? Aren't they obligated to delete this? That crap about credit grantors is all BS right? I've already sent a demand for deletion. I did do the correct thing, didn't I?

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