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Is this results for 11 days into this??


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HI! I am 11 days into my struggle, I disputed with all 3 credit reporting agencies on Jan. 9th. So far I've gotten 3 deletes off Equifax (all 3 medical), 2 deletes off Experian (both medical), and 5 deletes off Transunion (1 credit card, 1 old utility bill, 3 medical). All three updated my mortgages which were included in a 1999 bankruptcy to show that it was bankrupt instead of reporting it as a collection and late as of december 04 (that one really made me mad lol!).

So far my scores went from

Equifax 560

Experian 547

Transunion 547

Now they are

Equifax 560 (no change yet)

Experian 551

Transunion 553

I had gotten a score of 509 from somewhere on Jan 9th but I cant seem to find that one anymore.

I am happy off course for any deletes, and I hope to have more by the end of my 30 days. My question for everyone is this--I get my tax refund soon, and I was wanting to pay off anything that didn't get deleted. Is this rushing it as I still may get some more things deleted or can you really pay for deletes, and if you can pay for deletes, what if they say no they can't delete it when I call them?

Thanks so much in advance!

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