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Since last march I was able to fix my credit a lot.=l2 in total= Six were mine and the rest were the results of identity theft. The only one that still remains is chevron on my EX report. I was able to delete it from TU under "to be deleted upon receipt of payment".=the listing is mine=

I wish I know what I need to do in order from them (EX) to delete this listing for good. The listing shows on my EX as the following:

Date opened: 9-1998

Reported since: 12-1998

Date of status/last reported: 1-2005

joint with xxxx

Credit limit/high balance:



balance: NA

Status: paid collection account

This item was verified and updated on 1-2005

How can I handle it the next time I dispute?

besides that, I feel good with myself I think I did a great job.



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